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Devoting my life to aesthetic dentistry, I realised that aesthetics could not be long-term without anti-aging.

Every treatment planned in my clinic aims not only to solve current problems but also to prevent potential problems that may occur in the future.

My youtube channel ‘KIZ KULiSi’, which I opened in 2018 in order to share my knowledge about anti-aging and wellness procedures, is a proof of my philosophy on this path.

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    Laughter is one of the most beautiful reflections of self-confidence. The mirror of one's view of life is the vibration of the energy it emits. It is very considerate and personalized. It's like a fingerprint, it's never the same. Designing a person's smile is like designing a personalized dress. We are designing something that completes the person, affects his whole life and will be with him all his life. In this study, although the structure of the mouth and lips are the main criteria, it is also possible to evaluate all these areas that make up the expression of the person, such as face shape, eye shape, color, skin color, hair color. The profession, social position, tendencies, emotional state and motivation of the person are also criteria... Therefore, we start by opening a very comprehensive preliminary interview file here. After taking pictures from various angles, we measure the lower and upper teeth. After the case meeting with my team, I personally create the designs that may be suitable for this person. After the first simulation is done in the computer environment, we prepare the imitation of the design we decided with our patient in the mouth. With this application, the person has the opportunity to see live what the final restorations will look like. Then we start and start the treatment. For our patients abroad, we have the infrastructure and staff to do all these works in three days.