Devoting my life to aesthetic dentistry, I realised that aesthetics could not be long-term without anti-aging.

Every treatment planned in my clinic aims not only to solve current problems but also to prevent potential problems that may occur in the future.

My youtube channel ‘KIZ KULiSi’, which I opened in 2018 in order to share my knowledge about anti-aging and wellness procedures, is a proof of my philosophy on this path.

A detailed file is created customly for each patient who comes to my clinic. Our doctors and assistants are all specialists  in their fields who serve under my management with the same philosophy.

Our mission in the clinic, where we integrate medical aesthetics with anti-aging smile aesthetics, is to give our patients the most natural smile possible for the longest time.


Who is Yeşim Makzume?

Born in Ankara, Yeşim Makzume graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Dentistry in 1996. She started working in Ankara after graduation and opened her own clinic in İzmir after her marriage.

She later moved to Istanbul,  studied Marketing and Public Relations at Boğaziçi University and then Healthcare Management at Istanbul University to learn the operational aspects of the medical profession. After working in the dental clinic of Bayındır Hospital, she continued to care for her patients at the Swisscenterdent in Istanbul. She then moved on to Prof. Dr. Tosun Tosun’s clinic.

Championing the idea that a beautiful and natural smile is crucial to reflecting self-confidence, Yeşim Makzume furthered her studies in the field of aesthetic dentistry. Seeing that medical aesthetics can be very effective in smile design, she believed  that guidance and  well-thought cooperation with other branches is very important. Focusing on this, she attended several prominent trainings in various countries of the world, some of these are:

– Botox and dermal filler training from Dr. Zavier Goodarzian in London.

– Mesotherapy and chemical peeling training from Practitioner Nurse Pam Cushing.

– Advanced dermal filler and botox training from Dr. Sacha S. Parker in Miami.

– ‘Lipfiller masterclass’ and ‘facial analysis and volumetric facial rejuvenation’ from Dr. Zac Ally in London.

In the field of dentistry, she completed the ‘Aesthetic Dentistry’ master program accredited by the Pacific University within the body of CME International. Some of her other important abroad trainings are as follows:

– At the Geneva Smile Center in Switzerland, she took lessons on smile design and aesthetics from  Dr. Didier Dietschi, faculty member at the Geneva University Faculty of Dentistry.

– Laminate veneers, aesthetic concepts and digital applications in smile design from Dr. Domenico Massironi in Milan, Italy

– She received training from Dr. Stavros Pelekanos on single implant applications in the aesthetic region and providing optimum aesthetics in soft tissue.

– She took part in the aesthetic dentistry study named “Aesthetic Excellence” by Dr. Galip Gürel.

– She participated in the aesthetic dentistry group of Dr. Maxim Belograd Academy and took part in the following workshops:

-Rubberdamology in prosthetic and aesthetic dentistry

-Temporary restorations : veneers and crowns

-The art of impression and retraction

-Direct  anterior composite restoration technics

– She took a course on ‘Digital Smile Analysis and Photoshop’ from Dr.Edward Mclaren.

In order to add a holistic approach to the aesthetic aspect of dentistry, she completed trainings and received her certificates on phytotherapy, mesotherapy and ozone application  at the University of Health Sciences.

After witnessing medical aesthetics to be very effective in smile design, she believed in the importance of  correct cooperation and guidance with other branches.Therefore she has attended trainings in various countries of the world. The most prominent of these are:

– Botox and dermal filler training from Dr.Zavier Goodarzian in London.

– Mesotherapy and chemical peeling training from Practitioner Nurse Pam Cushing.

– Advanced dermal filler and botox training from Dr.Sacha S. Parker in Miami.

– She received training on ‘lipfiller masterclass’ and ‘facial analysis and volumetric facial rejuvenation’ from Dr.Zac Ally in London.

She is currently serving in her clinic in Nişantaşı and is doing her ‘Oral Implantology’ master’s degree at Kent University.

In order to share her expertise and point of view on aesthetics and health with women who are preparing for a brighter future, she opened a youtube channel called ‘Kız kulisi’.

Her interest in art, which she believes is closely related to her profession, started in her childhood. Her works were exhibited in two oil painting group exhibitions, at the Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum.

Sports have also always been in her life. During her high school years, she played basketball and athletics as a licensed player. She is a regular pilates practitioner and tennis is a sport that they play as a family.

She is married with 2 children, a girl and a boy. She speaks fluent English and French. She is also a licensed tennis player and a certified painter.