Dental Aesthetics

All About Dental Aesthetics

If there is a problem in the general appearance of the teeth, the whole procedure is called dental aesthetics. These procedures are frequently used in cases where the teeth are crooked, not aligned, and yellow in color.

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    Teeth affect social life positively or negatively. Disorders in the appearance of the teeth, rotten teeth or a crooked appearance spoil the aesthetics. In addition, thanks to dental aesthetics, the person can easily get rid of these negative situations.

    Dental Aesthetics

    Everyone wants to have a healthy and beautiful tooth appearance. It supports one’s self-confidence. A healthy smile always makes everyone happy. For this, procedures are carried out in accordance with different mouth and tooth structure.

    Who Can Have Dental Aesthetics?

    People who have problems in oral and dental health can have dental aesthetics. People prefer dental aesthetics due to disorders in tooth alignment, too open tooth gap, changes in the color of the gingiva. Defects in the gingiva and its structure can negatively affect both the physical appearance and mental health of the person. Before the treatment, the treatment process begins with a general examination. This process varies from person to person. Each person will have a different treatment method. And the person who will make the decision about this in the healthiest way is the doctor. Almost every organization can claim to perform dental aesthetics, however, there are huge differences. The physician who decides on the treatment protocol must be trained and specialized in this subject. In addition, the physician must have knowledge of all treatment protocols and plan the necessary treatment when necessary. The planning phase is the most important phase. The chief aesthetic physician decides the planning with his team and divides the work. Other specialists may need to be involved in some areas. The aesthetic dentist does the organization and evaluation of these. The schools where the aesthetic dentist specializes and the clinics he works determine his experience and knowledge.

    Before After Dental Aesthetics

    Anyone who has problems with their teeth and smile may want to be included in the before-after dental aesthetics process. The important point here is that the method to be applied to everyone is different. Because everyone’s teeth and mouth problems are different. Accordingly, the applications will be different. It is useful not to insist on a transaction seen by someone else. With the guidance of your doctor, you can get through this process in a more comfortable and healthy way. After the procedures, you should follow the advice given by your doctor.

    For longer lasting healthy smiles, oral and dental care must be done in a timely and complete manner. In addition, after aesthetics, you will see a proportional lip structure, healthy and beautiful teeth, appropriately toned gums and a new person who smiles comfortably and is happy in any self-confident environment.

    Those Who Have Aesthetics

    People who are not satisfied with the structure and appearance of their teeth resort to different aesthetic methods. Almost everyone can benefit from dental aesthetic applications in order to have a healthy and bright smile. Under the leadership of specialist doctors, it is decided which application will be applied to which type of problem. And if the person who wants to have treatment gives consent, the procedures are started. People who have these procedures will have a healthy smile for many years. Thus, they happily take part in social life with more beautiful smiles. Their self-confidence increases, they begin to enjoy laughing. Everything starts with a dream, it is very easy to dream and achieve healthy teeth!

    Dental Aesthetics Applications

    In terms of health and aesthetics, different methods are used for oral, gums and teeth. Let’s list the most used applications in short titles:

    • Gum aesthetics (pink aesthetics)
    • Teeth whitening
    • Porcelain laminate applications
    • Implant applications
    • Laser applications
    • Inlay/onlay restorations
    • Lip aesthetics
    • Chin aesthetics
    • botox

    Generally, teeth whitening, porcelain laminates and implants can be applied to almost everyone. These applications take shape according to factors such as the person’s gender, facial features, skin color, age, lip structure, and the condition of their teeth. In some cases, the concept of aesthetics covers all applications, while sometimes it may cover one or more processes. Thus, the most suitable aesthetic form for the person is created.

    What are the Factors Affecting Dental Aesthetics?

    Aesthetics has gained more importance with the developing technology in recent years. Previously, people used to go to the dentist when they had a tooth decay or tooth loss. Now, with the increasing importance of both dental health and dental aesthetics, these routines have changed. In addition, dental aesthetic techniques are developing day by day. It is possible to achieve better results with shorter procedures. Of course, there are some factors that affect these processes. These are different factors such as the structure of the tooth, the face shape of the person, skin color, age, profession, previous procedures.

    There is an important point here that it affects all other factors. This is the right choice of dentist and clinic. As it can destroy all the problems with it, wrong choice of doctor can lead to new problems. Some may even be irreversible problems. The treatment method is determined according to the needs of the person. While this is sometimes one transaction, sometimes it can be more than one operation. Sometimes, treatment methods are developed in line with the special wishes of the person.

    What is Dental Aesthetics in One Session? How much will it take?

    In smile design, there is also the concept of dental aesthetics in a single session. In this aesthetic application, procedures such as laminated tooth coating (leaf porcelain application, porcelain filling or full ceramic bridge application may be in question. In these procedures, the structure of the tooth is examined and measured with the help of advanced camera systems. Then the image obtained is examined in 3D by the patient and doctor in the computer environment. Thus, people with dental problems get rid of their problems in a single session without the need for more than one session.

    Being in a single session gives the patient an advantage. The process is completed in one day without constant commuting. On average, the process is completed in 2-4 hours. The structure of the tooth, the level of defect and the intensity of the procedures can affect the duration of this process.

    What are the Frequently Applied Methods in Dental Aesthetics?

    Thanks to the smile design, many people have healthy and attractive teeth. Every person needs teeth with a beautiful appearance. Different methods are used to make the laughter bright. The most commonly used method is teeth whitening. Although everyone thinks that they are taking the necessary care of their teeth, sometimes we can push our existing teeth into a worse appearance with the wrong methods. It’s never too late to prevent this. Before it takes more time, we can take action immediately and have dental aesthetics and achieve healthier smiles.

    Another most commonly used method is porcelain laminate application. Thus, the teeth acquire the desired properties by sticking the porcelain layer of the desired size, size and color to the teeth. With pink aesthetics, not only the teeth but also the gums adapt to the mouth and teeth and gain a healthier form. With implant treatment, teeth close to natural teeth are obtained. It is a titanium application that acts as a natural tooth root that is placed in the jawbone instead of the lost teeth and adapts to the jaw. It fulfills the natural chewing and crushing task of the teeth comfortably. By having a zirconium coating, the teeth get a natural appearance. Thanks to its translucent feature, it is the most compatible tooth coating method for natural teeth by transmitting light.

    Dental Aesthetics Prices

    When it comes to smile design fees, your priority is to find out the average prices of an amount sufficient to receive quality service. Prices, which vary according to the process performed, are personal. Because different methods are used for everyone, different prices arise. The patient is informed in line with the price policy determined by the dentist. In order to have the aesthetic smile you dream of, you can have dental aesthetics by meeting with a specialist doctor.

    Lip and chin aesthetics

    Smile design is an application that affects the whole face and can change the expression. In some cases, if the lips are too thin, they can be volumized with medical aesthetic fillings. There will be no problems as a result of the application of known brands by experts. You can ask your aesthetic dentist for information.

    Gummy smile botox application can also be preferred as a complement in lip aesthetics. Thanks to the botox applied in the appropriate dose to the appropriate area, the appearance of the gums when smiling and talking can be reduced.

    Due to some genetic features or later, the jaw line line becomes blurred or the chin tip is left behind. If the appearance of these areas is corrected with medical aesthetic fillings, the smile design will appear even more beautiful. The person looks younger and fitter.

    One of the most applied methods in chin aesthetics is masseter botox.