Dental Spa Exclusive

The Dental Spa Exclusive is a special treatment complementing my clinic, which includes additional personal care applications after cleaning your teeth. It includes very enjoyable procedures that make patients feel as if they are truly at a SPA.

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    Massage Techniques with Organic Natural Cures and Mixtures

    While you are listening to the music you like from your headphones or watching a video on your private screen, we will apply a blood flow accelerating and invigorating massage to your gums and support tissues using ayurvedic mixtures that are specially prepared for you. After the massage, a mask with a special organic mixture is applied to nourish your gums and support tissues for 15 minutes. Just like a mask treatment applied on your face, this special oral mask will invigorate your smile, the tissues of your mouth will have a bright and lively appearance and the health and freshness you feel will be reflected in your breath.

    Fiber Mesotherapy

    This is a micro or macro injection, applied to all dental support tissues that consists of solutions prepared according to your personal needs, containing hyaluronic acid and vitamin mixtures. The stronger and healthier your ligaments, the longer your teeth remain strong and healthy, and the more resistant they are to caries. Tissues that connect teeth to bones, which we call ligaments, are mostly composed of collagen. Therefore, based on the fact that collagen formation decreases with age, strengthening the connective tissue is one of the most effective options. It can slow down or even stop the process, especially in people who are prone to hereditary bone loss.

    Ozone Therapy

    The use of ozone gas in medicine increases day by day, strengthening its place as an antiaging agent. Diluting ozone gas with the help of a special device and using it in the oral tissues with appropriate mixtures is very successful in bringing out its antibacterial effect. In our SPA application, a washing therapy with ozonated water is applied based on the needs of the patient.

    Home Care Kit Application

    In the last part of the dental SPA experience, custom prepared mixtures are given to the patients in amounts that they can apply at home for 3 days. They are recommended to be applied in the evening, for 5-10 minutes after the last brushing every day.