Porcelain Crown Veneer

The treatment, which is generally known as porcelain veneer among the people, is called porcelain crown veneer in the medical world. Intense material losses can be seen in the teeth for many reasons. In this case, porcelain crown coating is preferred.

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    The coating of the tops of the teeth with a material similar to the tooth structure is called porcelain crown coating. This treatment is a permanent treatment method. Although various materials can be used for treatment, the most preferred ones today are metal porcelain or full ceramic ones. If we look at the most used of these two, it is seen that the metal structures are preferred more frequently due to their durability. Today’s developing ceramics can now be as strong as metals.


    What is a Porcelain Crown Veneer?

    When teeth are damaged, various methods are applied to prevent loss of those teeth. One of these methods, porcelain crown veneer, is the process of placing a protective piece on the damaged tooth. Thanks to this piece, it is aimed to extend the life of the tooth by strengthening the tooth structure. In addition, it is a very pleasant treatment method from an aesthetic point of view. The metal support used in the treatment is applied in a very visible way in some cases, and this image can give an aesthetically disturbing feeling. It has also been seen from time to time that it turns the gums black. This is a result of the wrong application. A doctor who knows his job well will not make these mistakes.


    To Whom Porcelain Crown Veneer Is Applied?

    In addition to being a preferred treatment for people with high tooth sensitivity, this treatment is also used when there are color differences between the teeth. This application can be recommended if the person has aesthetic concerns after the treatment for the appearance of the teeth. This application is also used for people who want to change their tooth form. While providing the desired tooth form, it also creates the desired image in terms of color. The reason why this application is preferred for people who experience intense substance loss in their teeth is to protect the tooth structure with treatment.

    It is possible to say that people who have had this procedure before can also choose to renew it with the same procedure when the time comes. In short, this method is effective in preventing the intense loss of structure that the person is exposed to, while at the same time it allows the person to obtain a very beautiful appearance in terms of aesthetics. Porcelain crown veneer treatment, which is created with different contents and methods, is a treatment method that is custom prepared for that patient.


    What Are Porcelain Crowns Used For?

    Dental crowns, which are used as a highly effective method, are often preferred to strengthen the tooth structure, extend the life of the tooth and provide the desired size for the tooth in terms of aesthetics. If the patient has a heavily damaged tooth structure, with this treatment method, the tooth can be returned to the state and size it was when it was healthy. In some special cases, the use of these crowns is inevitable. These crowns can be preferred in order to strengthen the structure of the tooth that has been emptied for root canal treatment. In addition, if there are gaps in the teeth and these gaps are more than normal this method can be preferred against the risk of breakage.

    If the fillings have exceeded the available time, it may be necessary to replace them with crowns. Some patients may have misshapen or discolored teeth that are aesthetically disturbing. It may be possible to put an end to such images with this treatment. It is also a suitable treatment for patients with crooked teeth. If there is a missing tooth, there are cases where this treatment is preferred instead of the implant. Only then will it be possible to make 3 porcelain crowns. This is also called a porcelain bridge. If a caries cannot be resolved by other methods or if it creates challenging situations, porcelain crowns may be preferred for this.

    It is also a very common method for people with significant tooth fractures. For people with any of these conditions, the porcelain crown veneer method should be applied. For this, a clinic should be consulted, necessary examinations should be made on the patient by the doctor, and the treatment process should be decided.


    What are the Advantages of Porcelain Crown Veneer?

    This method, which is used to strengthen the tooth structure, save the tooth, ensure the longevity of the tooth, and create aesthetically beautiful images, brings many positive results. People who are deemed appropriate to apply this treatment can achieve the tooth structure and appearance they dream of in terms of both aesthetics and health. It is also possible to state that this application, which creates positive results for the patient, has many advantages. Since these crowns are produced in the color of the patient’s teeth, they have a very natural structure. They have a translucent and smooth structure and are unlikely to be distinguished from the patient’s original teeth.

    Since the preparation process of the crowns may take a little longer, it is aimed not to victimize the patient during this period. Temporary crowns are prepared for the patient. This way, the aesthetic anxiety of patients waiting for permanent crown treatment is eliminated. Possible sensitivities are prevented. It is ensured that the chewing, that is, the eating functions of the patient can continue as they are. For this period, the cut teeth are covered with temporary crowns, so that the functions of the teeth can continue in a healthy way. When creating these crowns, materials suitable for human health are used. Therefore, it is not possible for patients to encounter allergic reactions.

    This method, which causes a very beautiful appearance when finished, also provides many advantages in terms of health. Thanks to the temporary crowns, it is possible to easily overcome the waiting period of permanent crowns which can be seen as the only disadvantage. This treatment provides many advantages for patients.


    Porcelain Crown Veneer Prices 2022

    Like all other treatment methods, the prices for porcelain crown veneer treatment vary. Prices vary for many reasons. Therefore, it is not possible to set a fixed price. First of all, it is possible to say that the quality of the porcelain to be used for the treatment is the most important factor in the pricing of the treatment. There are many types of porcelain available. Whichever one of these is selected, pricing is made accordingly. If only a few teeth need to be veneered, people are faced with a lower price, while in cases where it is necessary to cover all of them, these prices can increase.

    Some treatments require veneers for all of the teeth. Naturally, the price of such treatments are high. It is generally preferred for the aesthetic improvement of the anterior teeth in cases such as veneers on several teeth. Pricing for veneer treatment for anterior teeth is more affordable than others. Another important reason for changing prices is the dentist. Dentists can also increase prices in line with their own experience. Finally, the coating process can vary from patient to patient.

    If different treatments need to be applied first in order to make a coating for the patient, the price of these treatments is added. For example, in case of a decayed tooth, the decayed tooth is cleaned first, then it is decided whether a filling is needed and the coating can be applied. In order to reach the most accurate porcelain crown veneer prices, a clinic should be consulted and information should be obtained.