Transparent Plate Treatment

A panoramic radiograph showing all the teeth of the patient is taken and an intra-oral examination is performed. After the measurement of the lower and upper tooth alignment in the computer environment, the treatment stages that are simulated in the digital environment are shown to the patient. Once treatment plan is accepted, all existing caries are treated before or simultaneously with the procedure. Transparent plates produced specifically for the patient are given to the patient and explained how to use them. Our team personally monitors the patient during the use of the plates and is involved in the process interactively providing reminders and information. The aim is to ease the adaptation phase during the first days and to provide maximum comfort to the patient.

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    This treatment, which is the most advanced point that aesthetic dentistry reached, offers great advantages. My favorite advantage is that it does not interfere with the patient’s social life. For example, you don’t want to be seen with braces at a very important meeting or your prom. It’s very easy to remove the plates for that special event. Cleaning and maintenance is very practical. It does not cause odor and coloration. Watch our video to get an idea.