Aesthetic Anterior Tooth Filling

The anterior tooth filling, which gives very good results in terms of aesthetics, not only eliminates the bad appearance due to fractures or caries, but also provides an efficient chewing function for the patient. In some cases, the front teeth create a very bad image for patients and begin to fail to perform their functions as before. In such cases, these teeth need to be treated.

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    Thanks to the anterior tooth filling, which comes to the rescue for this, patients say goodbye to the bad image and gain a healthy tooth structure. When this filling is applied to the patient, it must be compatible with the tooth color. It should create a natural tooth appearance on the patient. During this filling, if there is a gap between the teeth, these gaps are closed and the split tooth appearance can be terminated.



    What is Aesthetic Front Tooth Filling?

    The steps to be followed in this type of filling vary. How many fillings will be applied to the teeth, the size of the bruises or fractures, and which materials should be used vary from patient to patient. This treatment has several stages. A photograph is taken while the patient is smiling and it is decided what arrangements should be made on the photograph. Patients also follow this process closely. A special acid is applied to the area so that the filling material can adhere to the tooth surface, and after 15 seconds, retention is achieved. This process is completed by washing the teeth and purifying them from acid. Then, the agents that will provide adhesion are treated and the appropriate type of filling is applied.


    How is Aesthetic Front Tooth Filling Made?

    If there are fractures and bruises in the teeth or there is a gap between two teeth, anterior tooth filling treatment is applied to destroy these images. Several processes are applied to the dried tooth so the tooth and filling material can adhere to each other. The acidified washed area is boxed with intense air spray and penetrating adhesives are applied to the area. The substances in the treatment area are polymerized with the effect of blue light. The physician fills it with the technique he prefers. As a final process, the filling residues are cleaned and the tooth is polished in order to provide an aesthetic appearance.


    Who Aesthetic Front Tooth Filling Is Applied To?

    These fillings can be applied as a result of small or moderate caries and fractures in the anterior teeth. These fillings are made using composite material. These are also known as composite fillings. It is a treatment that should be applied for people who want to fill the cavity in the decayed tooth for healthy functions, repair the broken tooth structure, destroy the space between two teeth or replace the amalgam fillings. If the nature of the patient’s bruise and fracture is slightly larger, it is preferred to use different materials instead of composites in these cases.


    How Long Does Aesthetic Front Teeth Aesthetic Filling Last?

    This situation varies according to which part of the tooth the filling will be applied to. If there is a fracture or decay on the tip of the tooth, the filling applied to this part may be shorter in the case of consuming hard foods as a result of biting and chewing functions. It is a point that varies according to the patient’s attention, use and the position of the filling in the tooth. Compared to ceramic fillings, it is seen that ceramic fillings are used for a longer period of time. Generally, the minimum usage period of composite fillings is 5 years. As long as the patient provides oral and dental care regularly, it is possible for a healthy anterior tooth filling to last 10 years.


    When is Anterior Dental Aesthetics Preferred?

    Due to some reasons, conditions such as decay and breakage in a patient’s teeth may occur. While these bruises and fractures can be seen very clearly, it is also possible that they cannot be seen in some cases. Therefore, regular dental check-ups have an important place in patient’s lives. Doctors will definitely make a diagnosis for toothaches that people can’t see but feel. In these cases, the patient may complain of some problem. Conditions such as a toothache felt at the time of eating, a long-lasting toothache, hot-cold sensitivity, and the appearance of dark spots on the teeth are conditions that require doctor’s control.

    If the tooth in question is one of the anterior teeth, anterior tooth filling should be preferred to repair the decay or fracture that causes pain. This type of filling always gives good results as purpose and aesthetically.


    Aesthetic Tooth Filling Prices 2022

    Prices for dental treatments vary. For the anterior tooth filling, which provides an aesthetic appearance, quality materials should be used to create a solid support. However, the dexterity of the dentist is also very important. The dentist has a great share in creating an aesthetically beautiful image. For all these reasons, filling prices vary from doctor to doctor and from patient to patient .


    Is Anterior Tooth Aesthetic Filling Obvious?

    Such fillings are no different from other teeth of the person, as they also serve an aesthetic purpose. They give a natural tooth appearance due to their application in tooth color. They are fillings that are not known to have gone through an artificial process. For these reasons, patients can easily choose this filling for their front teeth, provided that it is done by a trained physician.


    Does Front Tooth Aesthetic Filling Fall?

    In general, fillings will not break or fall off if you are careful when consuming very hard, crusty foods. However, with a habit of clenching, the probability of the filling falling out increases due to the increased load. For such cases, care should be taken and hard foods should not be consumed. At the same time, no hard force should be applied to the tooth. Regular and adequate oral care by the patient increases the duration of filling use.


    How Long Do Aesthetic Fillers Last?

    Although they are not very long-lasting compared to other fillings, the duration of use varies from patient to patient . The general usage period is between 5-10 years. It offers long-term use opportunities when the patient performs the necessary oral care regularly.


    Does Front Tooth Aesthetic Filling Hurt?

    During the filling process, anesthesia is used so the treatment cannot be feeled. When the effect of anesthesia wears off, no pain is felt. As a result, aesthetic fillings for anterior teeth do not cause pain, just like other fillings.


    Why Are Aesthetic Dental Fillings Necessary?

    Almost everyone wants the processes to be done on their teeth to be invisible, and the structure applied as a result of the treatment to provide a natural appearance to them. While filling application is preferred for anterior teeth, care is taken to ensure that it is natural in terms of shape and color tone. Patients want the filling lines to be invisible, and this is achieved with aesthetic fillings. In aesthetic fillings, there is an indistinguishable similarity between the original tooth and the fillings.


    Are Aesthetic Fillers Durable?

    In previous years, it was believed more in the strength and reliability of metal fillings. It was thought that teeth repaired with metal fillings performed their functions in a healthier way. However, with the developing technologies, the material content of aesthetic fillings has also been strengthened. In fact, recently, aesthetic fillings have started to offer longer-lasting and healthy uses compared to metal fillings. Considering aesthetically, this anterior tooth filling, which appeals to both health and the eye, is quite durable.