Sinüs Lifting

Sinus lifting is a support treatment that provides and improves the conditions in order to place an implant in the patients jaw structure. There are some conditions that should be prioritized during implant applications when changes to the teeth in the upper jaw are made. One of these conditions is that the volume and density of the bone structure should be sufficient. If the jaw structure of the patient does not have the required volume and density, the implant cannot be applied directly to this area.

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    At this point, the sinus lifting application comes into play, and with this application, the required volume and density for the implant to be able to hold at high rates is ensured on the jaw structure.


    What is Sinus Lifting?

    With this application, the existing bone can be intensified, while at the same time, new bone formation can be stimulated. There are two types of procedure, open and closed and this treatment can be applied in the dental chair like any other ordinary dental treatment.


    How is Sinus Lifting done?

    The procedure starts with local anesthesia. In some cases, general anesthesia can also be used depending on the patient’s request. An area of ​​​​approximately 2 mm is incised in the mouth and the sinus region is reached. It is ensured that the sinus area is brought to the required level, bone powder is added to the gap and any other necessary action is taken. As a result, the bone deficiency in the area where the implant treatment will be applied is eliminated. The sinus lifting procedure is completed by suturing the area.


    In Which Situations Are Sinus Lifting Techniques Not Done?

    As with almost every surgical application and treatment, there are situations in which the procedure cannot be done. These are divided into two; general and local. One of the general situations is if radiotherapy has been done to the maxillary region in the sinus before. Your dentist will evaluate this situation because this may adversely affect the treatment. If the patient has some long-term diseases that has effects which cannot be controlled by the dentist, the procedure cannot be done or it may be possible if necessary precautions are taken. Excessive use of alcohol and cigarettes are also factors affecting the inability of the application.

    In some cases, where the patient has psychological problems, this may prevent the procedure. In addition, there are also local causes, for example, if the patient has a maxillary sinus infection or pathological tissue disorder or if there is an infection from the structures forming the tooth, as well as if there is chronic sinusitis and severe allergic rhinitis is observed, this treatment should not be applied.


    How Long Should I Wait Between Sinus Lifting and Implant?

    This period is determined by a doctor and may vary from person to person. Doctors can place the implants during this sinus lifting procedure or it can be applied 3-6 months after. If the existing bone in the person is sufficient to fix the screws, both operations can be performed at the same time. However, in some cases, the bone loss of the person is so great that it is not possible. If the implant and sinus lifting procedures are completed at the same time, both settle in about 6 months and a temporary prosthesis is used for the duration.

    If the bone density is insufficient, only the sinus lift is possible and there is a 6 month wait before the implant. Then the implant is planted to the patient, there is another wait for 3 months before the prosthesis is applied.


    Open Sinus Lifting Operation

    These lifting procedures used when the bone density in the person is very low. Like most general treatments, it can be applied on the physician’s chair with local anesthesia. In order to reach the sinus area that is planned to be removed, a small hole is made by making an incision in the gum of the person. When the sinus reaches the planned level, bone powder and necessary grafts are added and the procedure is completed. This process takes approximately 45 minutes. It is painless with local anesthesia. If the person has sufficient bone structure for the implants, it is also possible to plan them in the same session. This may extend the time by 15-20 minutes at most.


    Closed Sinus Lifting Operation

    This operation can be done to patients with a bone height of 5 mm and above. Therefore, it also makes it possible to place the implant at the same time. Again, the treatment begins by local anesthesia. However, special devices called osteotomes are preferred for this operation. With the osteotome, the sinus floor is broken and thus the sinus can be raised. The procedure is completed by adding bone powder to the formed cavity. This treatment allows implants to be applied to the person in the same session. Thanks to the closed sinus lifting operation, the entire treatment is shortened for up to 6 months.


    What Should I Pay Attention to After the procedure?

    As this is a very sensitive treatment compared to implant applications, patients need to take care after the treatment. Patients should not smoke and it is recommended not to sneeze and cough, if necessary the mouth should be open during sneezing or coughing. After the application, intense activity and sports that force breathing should be avoided. Diving before complete recovery should be avoided. These activities cause pressure in the person’s sinuses. Hygiene is also very important after the application. The person should not perform pressure spitting and brushing is not allowed until after the first 24 hours.


    How Long Before the Implants Can Be Planted?

    Implant placement can be performed immediately after the operation, or it can be performed in a different session, 3 or 6 months after the operation. This decision is made by the doctor, looking at the number of bones that the patient has lost, the number of bones added and whether the surgery is open or closed, as well as some added features of the procedural area and the implant.


    Recovery and Prosthetic Application After Sinus Lifting

    After this procedure, recovery is observed within 6 months for complete ossification. It may be necessary to wait for a certain period of time for the prosthetic application. After treatment, people should regularly use antibiotics and other drugs prescribed by the doctor. During the recovery period it is very important that patients adhere to the doctor’s recommendations.


    Can Implant Be Made Immediately After Sinus Lifting?

    After the procedure, the implant can be applied to the person immediately. However, there are situations where it may be the scenario. This process changes according to the bone level in the target area. The most accurate decisions can be made by looking at the bone condition of the person.


    Is Sinus Lifting a Harmful Procedure?

    This operation is not harmful. However, the doctor who performs the procedure must complete it with care and attention. If you are not careful, it can cause an infection in the bones of the patient. In order to avoid this, you should choose the doctor with care.


    Sinus Lifting Application Prices 2022

    There is no fixed price for this application. In order to determine the price, the mouth structure of the person should be examined by a doctor first. Pricing may also vary depending on the clinic you prefer, the experience of the doctor and the quality of the materials he uses. In this case, patients can access the most accurate price information for sinus lifting after consulting with a doctor.