Porcelain Laminate Tooth Veneer

Porcelain restoration applied to correct discoloration and image problems in the teeth is called porcelain laminates. The process is carried out in stages. In the first stage, a photograph is taken and a design is obtained with 3D technology. In the second stage, the design results are tried in the mouth of the person and the results are evaluated.

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    This way, the results of the procedure can be evaluated without any intervention on the teeth. In addition, porcelain laminates support patients’ decision making with this aspect. Finally, measurements are taken and the laminates are handmade.


    What is Porcelain Lamina Dental Veneer?

    It is an aesthetic application. It is adhered to the tooth with a special adhesive. Laminates, which give a natural tooth appearance, enable the smile design to be applied in a short time. There are laminated models of different brands. As long as a quality product is used, excellent results will show.



    In Which Situations Porcelain Dental Laminates Are Applied?

    Problems with tooth color and enamel can be genetic. These problems cannot be eliminated by procedures such as tooth cleaning and regular brushing. Especially people with yellow enamel color do not have a white smile design. In such cases, porcelain laminates are recommended. It is possible to achieve the dreamed aesthetic smile and white teeth in a short time.


    To Whom Porcelain Lamina Tooth Veneer Treatment Is Applied?

    People who are dissatisfied with their tooth color and whose tooth color darkens as a side effect of the treatment of other diseases, people with deterioration in tooth form due to fractures and wear, people with crooked and curvature problems due to genetic factors, people with a small amount of separation between their teeth, long periods such as braces treatment. It can be applied to people who do not have the opportunity to have long-term treatments. The procedures performed by dentists who are experts in their fields and using quality materials can be used for a lifetime without any problems. People who decide to have dental veneers should do detailed research. In addition, people who do not have missing teeth and do not have any veneer on the teeth are the most suitable people for this technique.



    What are the Advantages of Porcelain Laminate Teeth?

    Professionally applied porcelain laminates in the right size provide great advantages. These advantages are:

    • You can have bright and white teeth for a lifetime as it is made of durable and colorless material.
    • Since the light transmittance is at an excellent level, they are not separated from the natural teeth.
    • It does not create a gray appearance as it is perfectly compatible with the gums.
    • It is not affected by factors such as cigarettes and coffee and its colors do not change.
    • A clean and aesthetic smile design emerges in a very short time.

    In order to achieve these advantages we have listed, the material used must be of high quality. Otherwise, it may break and discolor in a short time. Laminas can separate from tooth enamel unless strong adhesive is used.


    Are There Any Situations Where Porcelain Dental Laminates Cannot Be Treated?

    The tooth shapes to which laminates can be applied are determined. It is not possible to correctly apply it to some tooth structures. It should not be done in cases of congenital or subsequent tooth loss due to decay, the presence of a disjointed image due to tooth deficiency, intense gingival problems and severe oral infection. In addition, health problems in the mouth should be eliminated before porcelain laminates are made. Missing tooth problems cannot be resolved with lamina veneer alone. Therefore, additional treatments should be applied to eliminate these problems.


    Intraoral cleaning should be done before laminate coating is applied. Stains and other deposits on the tooth enamel may impair the effect of the laminate coating adhesive. For this reason, detailed cleaning should be done in order not to damage the adhesive.


    How Many Sessions Does Porcelain Lamina Coating Take?

    Lamina coating process takes place in 3 sessions. The first session is 3D design, the second session is measuring and the third session is bonding. The most important session is the bonding session. The adhesive of laminates is special. It is absolutely unaffected and not damaged in contact with hot and cold. For this reason, it is unfounded to worry that the laminates will fall off after a while. However, coatings that are not of good quality and adhered before the teeth are adequately cleaned can fall off.


    What are the Treatment Stages of Porcelain Lamina Coating Application?

    Lamina treatment is a treatment technique applied in 4 stages. The first stage is the preparation of the teeth for the procedure. The front teeth are cleaned in detail. After cleaning, the teeth are reduced to a certain extent. The shrinking process is a necessary process to keep the veneer natural and prevent the tooth size from growing. However, as is known, large-scale reduction is not performed. There is a reduction of about 2 millimeters on average. The second step is measuring. The laminates to be prepared in the laboratory should be suitable for the mouth and tooth dimensions of the patient.


    Otherwise, the desired aesthetic smile design cannot be achieved. Tooth size should be reduced in the specified ratio. In particular, it is not possible to reduce it too much for the correct measurement. In the third step, temporary coating is applied until the lamina leaves are prepared. Temporary treatment should be performed in order to avoid sensitivity in the reduced teeth during the preparation of the permanent laminae. The final stage is gluing the leaves. Even if everything is ok, the doctor may want to change some details. The color of porcelain laminates occurs when combined with adhesive. When rehearsing, the color of the tooth is not seen because it is not fully adhered. After the roughening process, the lamina leaves fully adapt to the tooth. In addition, porcelain laminates create an aesthetic whiteness with their natural color and adhesive color.


    Do Porcelain Lamina Teeth Fall Out?

    The falling and breaking rate of porcelain veneers is very low. As long as some care is applied, there is no possibility of falling and breaking. The success rate of the applied treatment depends on whether the treatment technique is correct, whether oral hygiene is taken care of after the treatment, and the quality of the material used. Laminates are more likely to break, especially when poor quality materials are used. Laminate is not suitable for people with severe teeth clenching and grinding problems. Clenching causes wear and damage to the teeth after a certain period of time. Therefore, these diseases should be treated first. With Botox application, the problem of teeth clenching and grinding can be eliminated.

    Porcelain laminate prices vary according to the clinic. The criteria that determine the treatment fee, the location of the clinic performing the treatment, the treatment fees of the dentist, the quality of the material used, the preparatory treatment applied before the lamina and the market values ​​are taken into consideration. When you decide to get treatment, we recommend you to compare prices and performances.



    How Long Do Porcelain Lamina Teeth Last?

    Lamina teeth are permanent for life. After the treatment, factors such as oral care and tooth brushing are effective in this permanence period. The teeth of patients who do not pay attention to oral care and do not brush regularly will develop cavities over time. With the decay of the patient’s own teeth under the lamina, the laminae lose their effect. People who do not use the correct tooth brushing technique wear out their tooth enamel. In such cases, tooth loss occurs. Lamina veneer is a smile design technique. It is not used for medical problems that occur in the teeth.

    When you decide to have a smile aesthetic, you should do clinical research. You can choose our clinic because of the boutique service provided by our specialist physicians using new technology devices. While clinics that care about human health and are not just for profit, provide financial and moral gains, they are more affordable in the long run. In addition, because porcelain laminates have different price amounts, it is necessary to pay attention to the reasons for the difference while conducting price research.

    Watch our video to see the stages of porcelain laminate application.