Anti-Aging Dentistry

The key to having a beautiful smile is to maintain healthy teeth and gums. As a person ages, the teeth and surrounding tissues also age, as do all other organs and tissues in the body. The symptoms of this are changes such as micro-breaks in the cutting edges, changes in color , thinning of the enamel, opening between the teeth, increased crowding, erosion of the chewing surfaces, and therefore the decrease in the length of the face, which we call the vertical dimension, deterioration of the jaw contour and an increase in the profile angles.

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    Anti-Aging applications, just as in the whole body, are the most basic elements in the teeth and surrounding tissues to stand up to these changes.

    Just as you use moisturizer to protect your skin at a young age, you should apply some additional care to protect your teeth. In addition to nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, alternative treatments such as mesotherapy, ozone therapy, phytotherapy, acupuncture are among the recommended applications. By making an appointment with us, you can get your ‘anti-aging smile’ evaluation and learn what you can do to preserve the youth of your smile.