Laminate Applications

Lamina applications, also known as leaf porcelain, are a type of treatment used to create aesthetic color, shape and position differences for the front teeth of the person, thanks to a special bonding technique. This method can be preferred if the patient has enamel disorders, pits, fractures and cavities. The front surface of the teeth for the application are cleaned for smoothness. Measurements are taken from the patient and leaf porcelains are created. Since they are formed at high temperatures, they are very durable.

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    In our clinic, a few designs suitable for the patient’s mouth structure are made in a computer environment first. The patient is shown and a trial application is made with two of his favorite ones. In the trial application, the patient sees a live copy of the resulting image.

    Before the laminates produced in the laboratory are attached, they are approved by making a trial in the patient’s mouth for one last time. If the color and shape are in an aesthetic harmony and approved by the patient and the physician, the bonding process is performed. Thanks to lamina applications that result in a very similar way to natural teeth, people can have the smile they dream of. The purpose of these treatments is to repair only the teeth with damaged anterior surfaces with minimal wear.



    What are Lamina Applications?

    Special adhesives are used for bonding. The result is a natural tooth appearance for individuals. This application is often preferred because it’s ideal in terms of aesthetics. While producing leaf porcelain, it is aimed to create a model according to the tooth structure and color. However, if the highest quality materials are used in its construction, the post-treatment period can be quite long. The main material that causes the natural appearance of teeth is actually porcelain based materials. Porcelain provides the image closest to the tooth color. Therefore, in our clinic, lamina treatment and applications are preferred in order to create an aesthetic smile.


    How are Lamina Applications Made?

    Lamina that appeal to the eye are an aesthetic application. The use of quality products in its construction is important in terms of this aesthetic appearance. If it is done with care and using quality products, it gives long-lasting and solid results. Considering the opposite, it can lead to irreparable results for patients. For this reason, the dentist who will perform this procedure should definitely be researched and an idea about previous treatment practices should be obtained. After choosing a doctor, the treatment process begins with taking a photograph of the patient’s mouth structure. The first measurements are taken and then the 3D design of the tooth shape is made.


    In the second session, determined design is demonstrated to the patient so they can see the end result. Measurement is the shortest session but afterwards comes a process that requires a lot of attention and takes time. Every detail is finely handcrafted. The post-impression session can be seen as the end of the treatment if everything is harmonious and complete, otherwise further measurements are taken. If there are some deficiencies or excesses, it is arranged in that session and it will be completed in the next session. The bonding stage is the most important stage for this process.

    Who is Lamina Applications Applied to?

    This application is very effective for people to have the smile they dream of. They create a natural and aesthetic image for patients. Lamina applications are also known as leaf porcelain because they have a very thin structure and are indistinguishable from the natural tooth structure. In situations where the patient is not satisfied with the tooth color and/or there are slightly different tones of coloration on the tooth, leaf porcelain may be the solution. It is effective in repairing broken and damaged teeth, as well as playing an important role in joining split teeth.

    If patients have fillings for a long time in their front teeth, unhealthy tooth appearances can be amended with this method. Patients with crooked teeth can have very smooth teeth structure with this method. However, this application cannot be applied to patients who have lost their teeth and have had porcelain crown treatment before. The gums of the patient must be healthy. If the patient does not have healthy gums, it should be considered after gums are healthy.


    Benefits of Lamina Applications

    Oral and dental health is one of the basic aspects of being well-groomed. Healthy teeth create healthy social lives for people. While people with a bad and unhealthy tooth structure are psychologically negatively affected by social life, those with a beautiful and healthy tooth structure display a self-confident stance. In such cases, leaf porcelain treatment can be applied as it primarily provides a very aesthetic image. Lamina applications that create a natural tooth structure image are one of the biggest factors in having the smile that a person wants. During the application, no major changes are made on the tooth.

    In most applications teeth are not cut at all, but usually tiny. It is applied without interfering with tooth structure. This gives patients psychological relief. Although there is light permeability of the natural tooth, a tiny cut makes it seamless. Lamina applications that are sufficiently strong and well applied, cannot be distinguished from the natural teeth. In addition, these porcelains can be used for approximately 15-20 years without any problems as long as the person performs good and regular oral care.


    They are produced from very high quality content. Thanks to these ingredients, they have a structure that is resistant to staining. Likewise, they do not cause wear due to the high quality porcelain they are produced from. All this happens in just 2-3 days. The application time is also among the important benefits of this application. This application may be the most effective and efficient treatment method whether the application time, the application conditions and the aesthetic appearance it provides.


    Lamina Applications Prices 2022

    This is a treatment method that can be seen as a solution to many dental problems that prevent a patient’s smile. If there are aesthetic problems in front teeth, this can be the solution. Leaf porcelain, which has a very thin layer, offers a solution for patients by sticking to the front parts of the teeth that create an aesthetic appearance. These structures, which are made of quality porcelain as a material resistant to staining and abrasion, can be used for a very long time. Prices of this application, which provides such a pleasant aesthetic appearance for people and can bring them together with a smile they dream of, vary.

    Leaf porcelain prices vary according to the material to be used in the treatment and the number of teeth to be made. As the durability of the material increases, the price naturally increases. In addition to these, the knowledge and experience of the selected doctor is of great importance in terms of price. While it is an application that leads to simple and beautiful results, it is a sensitive application that can cause opposite results. Therefore, the choice of doctor should be done carefully. The doctor’s previous leaf porcelain treatments should definitely be seen.

    Watch our video to get more detailed information about the Lamina application construction stages.