Zirconium Dental Veneers

Zirconium tooth coating is the process which is applied to the tooth surface by using zirconium material, which provides the improvement of the appearance aesthetically. Also known as crown or crown veneer. It is used to correct decayed and bad-looking teeth. It is a very durable material as a structure. For this reason, it is one of the most frequently preferred materials in dental coating processes in recent years.

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    Zirconium provides great advantages as a material. It is natural looking. For this reason, zirconium tooth coating is a procedure with a high aesthetic success rate. It is completed in a shorter time compared to other treatment techniques. It is a technique that can be safely applied to patients of all ages.

    What is Zirconium Dental Veneer?

    In order to prevent any risk of infection before the procedure, oral hygiene is necessary. Teeth and gums are cleaned. After the cleaning process, anesthesia is applied. Anesthesia is required so that the patient does not feel pain and suffering.


    How is Zirconium Dental Veneer Applied?

    Existing teeth are reduced to a certain extent and filed. Then the measurements are taken. Temporary coating is applied. The color suitable for the patient’s teeth is selected. The zirconium tooth veneer models are prepared within 5 days. Finally, the temporary veneer model is removed and the permanent zirconias are adhered to the tooth.


    What are the Advantages of Zirconium Dental Veneers?

    Zirconium provides great advantages to patients in terms of material properties. Let’s list these advantages:

    • Since it has a semi-transparent feature, the light transmittance is excellent and thus creates a natural image.
    • They are permanent in the mouth for many years and do not break easily.
    • It is easy to take shape and turn white.
    • Since they do not contain metal, they do not adversely affect human health and do not show carcinogenic effects.
    • Very similar to natural teeth, they do not affect speech and chewing function.

    In order to take advantage of these, you should work with institutions that are reliable and truly use zirconium coating. Otherwise, they can use the normal coating material instead of zirconium.


    Who Is Zirconium Dental Veneer Suitable For?

    It can be applied to anyone who has cavities in their teeth, cannot lighten their teeth and/or is not satisfied with the shape of their teeth. It can be preferred because it is a material that does not threaten human health and is durable for life.


    Are Those Who Have Zirconium Coating Satisfied?

    Feedbacks received from patients show a high rate of satisfaction. The success and satisfaction rate in this treatment technique is higher than other coating techniques. Patients state that they are happy to regain their natural teeth and dental functions and recommend them to everyone.


    Will there be pain during the coating?

    Local anesthesia is applied before the procedure. Therefore, it is not possible to feel any pain or suffering. Patients unknowingly stay away from the coating process because they think that unbearable pain will occur during the reduction of teeth. However, there is no pain thanks to the anesthetic technique.


    How Long Does the Coating Process Take?

    Considering the steps such as preparing the teeth, taking measurements and preparing the veneer models, the average processing time is 5 days. If the rehearsal process is included in the period, it can be completed in a period of 1 week. Thanks to the advancement of technology, zirconium tooth coating can be completed in a short time. Orthodontic treatment and other veneer techniques can take a long time. It is an excellent technique that can be preferred for people who have an intense work schedule and cannot spare time for long-term treatments.

    It also saves time as it does not require frequent doctor control. In order to have perfect teeth for many years, you can choose the zirconium tooth coating technique. It is frequently recommended, especially for young patients, as it provides a great advantage of use. You can make an appointment for this procedure at any time after the doctor’s control.


    How Long Is the Coating Life?

    After the treatment, the life of the coating can be extended by ensuring oral care and hygiene. Generally speaking, the coating model is used for life. However, situations such as biting hard and crusty foods, using substances that impair dental health such as alcohol and cigarettes, and not brushing regularly shorten the lifespan.


    Can Veneer Teeth Whiten?

    Tooth color may change according to genetics and care practices. Despite regular brushing and oral care, the teeth may not reach the desired whiteness level. In such cases, people who want to have whiter and more aesthetic teeth can have permanent teeth whiteness by having a zirconium coating. With its zirconium structure, it is a material that does not deteriorate easily and does not change color. Especially since it is translucent and has a strong light transmission feature, it has a white appearance for many years.


    What are the Coating Treatment Stages?

    It consists of four different stages: cleaning, impression taking, temporary coating and zirconium coating. These steps must be done. Particular attention should be paid to the cleaning phase. Caries should be cleaned in order to protect the teeth of the patient under the coating. The coating is not a technique that can be put on and taken off. It is permanent for a long time when it is adhered to the tooth. For this reason, the teeth of the patient under the veneer should be protected.


    What are Coating Damages?

    There is no damage to the coating, which is applied with the right dimensions using quality materials. However, the procedure applied by physicians who do not have the required dexterity or the quality materials is harmful. Excessive reduction of teeth causes sensitivity and tooth decay over time. Therefore, care should be taken in choosing a doctor.


    When is it necessary to go to control after coating?

    A doctor’s control is recommended 1 month after the coating process. Subsequent controls are performed as a routine dentist control every 6 months. In these controls, the condition of the teeth, their decay and the degree of infection are checked. Problems detected in the early period are eliminated before they cause serious problems such as tooth loss.


    Will its color change in the future?

    If the coating is zirconium, it is a material that does not change color. Its color does not change with consumed food and drinks. With criteria such as regular tooth brushing and doctor control, the color of the teeth is preserved for life. The main purpose of the veneer process is to have a white tooth appearance. Although it is a procedure applied with aesthetic concerns, it can also improve the functions of the teeth.


    Can it be applied to those with gum disease?

    In people with gum disease, the disease should be treated before zirconium tooth coating. The coating has no effect on the gums. However, unless the problems in the gums are treated, it goes down to the root of the tooth and causes a common health problem in the mouth. It causes tooth decay and later tooth loss. Therefore, gingival problems should be treated before zirconium coating.


    How is Zirconium Coating Attached to the Teeth?

    Generally, zirconium dental crown models are attached to the tooth using suitable adhesives. The holding force of these adhesives is very high. Unless it is strictly intervened, there is no question of falling and separating from the tooth enamel.


    Zirconium Dental Veneers Prices 2022

    Some criteria are evaluated while determining the coating prices. The exchange rate difference, the physician’s treatment fee, the quality of the adhesive used and the processing time are taken into account. The preparation phase is not the same for every patient. Therefore, the operations applied during the preparation phase may also increase the transaction cost. Therefore; Clinic selection should not be made without obtaining detailed information about zirconium dental veneer prices.