Pediatric Dentistry

With children, we start from infancy when their teeth begin to erupt by giving hygiene education, we help shape their oral cleaning habits at the right age. The most important thing about children’s dental care is to notice the problems that may occur and take precautions.

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    Prevention of cavities and early treatment is very important for future tooth alignment. In some cases where caught early, alignment can even be corrected without the need for braces.

    Recognizing signs of harmful habits such as thumb sucking, nail biting and tongue sucking at an early stage can prevent long-term brace treatments in the future.

    It is also possible to have a much more harmonious and comfortable treatment session with children, thanks to a special method in which bruises can be cleaned with compressed air and dust without using a rotating head.

    It is possible to ensure that the permanent tooth from below is erupted in the right place with a device called ‘placeholder’ in early loss of primary teeth.

    Watch our video to get an idea.

    To prevent accumulation of harmful substances in the children’s body as a result of swallowing, we produce our special formula solutions and toothpastes with phytotherapy methods.