Smile Design

Defects in the person’s mouth and teeth can be eliminated by smile design. Different methods are used to achieve healthier smiles.

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    Thanks to the various procedures, it is possible to have healthier and more aesthetic smiles. In order to have a healthy smile, you should contact a specialist dentist and determine the right treatments. Physicians, who are experts in their fields and work intensively, receive examination fees. In case of treatment, they are deducted from the general total. Reluctance to pay the inspection fee should not be a reason for preference. Do not forget that the procedure to be done will affect your entire social life. You should definitely contact the physicians you trust in order to get the best for you.

    What is Smile Design?

    Undoubtedly, laughing is good for everyone, but some cannot do this easily. People prefer not to smile due to reasons such as level imbalances in their teeth, darkening of the gum color, yellowing of the tooth color, and lack of teeth.


    How is Smile Design Made?

    As a start, it is necessary to examine and diagnose the problems that occur in our smile. The problems identified in the first examination consist of stages such as the continuation of the treatment process and after. In order for our smile to be aesthetic, the design stages are generally as follows:

    Detailed analysis of the mouth and face structure is made. At this stage, the person’s habits, lifestyle, many details such as profession, skin tone, etc. gain importance.

    Design planning is made in line with the patient’s expectations and the physician’s recommendation (the person’s wishes, expectations, personality and physiological structure should be taken into account).

    An approximate image of the new design is constructed in media such as video, photography and 3D.

    Which type of methods will be used and the application stages are talked through.

    The patient’s expectations from the design and the methods to be used by the doctor should be discussed mutually. Sometimes the patient’s expectations and the result do not coincide with each other because of lack of communication. Not every request can be answered. In this case, it is healthier for both parties to know the situation from the beginning and start the treatment accordingly.


    Who can get a Smile Design?

    While some people may have congenital oral and dental problems, sometimes they may occur later due to reasons such as wrong brushing techniques, neglect or accident. Almost anyone who has problems with teeth and mouth structure can have a smile design. Children only need to complete their development. Apart from that, it can be applied to anyone who is an adult. There are many people who need aesthetics for reasons such as aesthetic decoration and color change without major problems in their teeth. These people get this procedure done to have a confident smile. Especially women, models and celebrities have plastic surgery in order to laugh and pose easily in social environments. Thanks to the developing technology, it is possible to have beautiful smiles in a short time.


    What are the Types of Smile Design?

    There are different types of aesthetics for each problem. In addition, different methods are used according to the request of the person. Let’s list the treatment protocols available for design in general:

    • Teeth whitening
    • Techniques used to ensure that the teeth are at the same level and alignment
    • Techniques that can be applied to harmonize the smile with the lip folds
    • Removal of decayed teeth, gum disease or tooth loss
    • Veneer applications
    • Techniques that can be applied to make the face and jaw structure look healthier and more proportional

    Different treatment combinations are used for each patient, the most accurate method will be determined by the doctor. Sometimes patients want a design with what they hear from other people but the desired design may not be suitable for that person. It would be best to follow the recommendations of the doctor you trust.


    Advantages After Smile Design

    People get smile designs to achieve a healthy and eye-catching tooth structure. As a matter of fact, they are one step closer to their dreams after each procedure. Post-design advantages are:

    The colors of the teeth reach a brighter and cleaner appearance.

    Healthy teeth compatible with the jaw structure are obtained.

    Gums become healthier.

    Tooth losses and fractures are removed and a complete image is provided.

    The person’s self-confidence increases.

    Every individual attaches great importance to his external appearance and external appearance comes with oral and dental health. For healthier and more aesthetic-looking teeth, smile aesthetics offers sparkling smiles to everyone.


    Smile Design Prices 2022

    As in all matters, the price of the smile design changes in line with the procedures performed. All procedures are custom designed. The cost for each person will also differ. Sometimes a procedure can be done with a certain price and other times a different price is in question because more than one transaction is made. In addition, the price policy of the physician, the technology and treatment methods offered by the clinic also affect the price. A clear price will be decided after a dental examination is performed and the treatment method to be followed is determined.


    Smile Aesthetics Treatment

    Smile design is the whole of the treatments made to make the person’s tooth structure and gingival disorders look more aesthetically beautiful and natural. Treatments that vary from person to person offer permanent solutions. Having a brand new smile after treatment is very satisfying. Smiles gain a more beautiful appearance thanks to processes such as bleaching the tooth color, treating and correcting the color of the gums, adding a new tooth to the gap formed as a result of tooth loss. Smile aesthetic treatment should be carried out with a specialist doctor.


    Is Smile Aesthetics Permanent?

    The biggest concern of people who have plastic surgery is permanence. It is they who will decide that. Persons who carefully follow recommendations for maintenance and check ups that must be followed after the procedure, extend the life of the procedures. As a matter of fact, even our own natural teeth are damaged by wrong procedures, and if the teeth are taken well cared for after aesthetics, the permanence increases.


    Comments of Those Who Have Smile Aesthetics

    Those who want to have a more aesthetic tooth appearance share their post-aesthetic thoughts. Many say that they have been encouraged by a friend or relative for plastic surgery. They state that they approached it with hesitation at first, and then a great relief came. Many regret that they did not have this procedure done before. Now they share the happiness of smiling easily and having a healthy tooth structure. Why not consider having a smile design done by a doctor you trust?


    Is Coating Always Done in Smile Aesthetics?

    There is no rule that veneers will be used in every treatment. The important thing is whether the tooth needs it or not. The most preferred is zirconium or similar structure but more coating. It provides a natural appearance with its light-transparent structure. It is generally used in anterior teeth. Full porcelain coating has been used for many years. However, for this coating, the tooth must be present. The coating is done by thinning slightly around the tooth. Laminate veneer coating provides an aesthetic and natural appearance. This coating also acts as a concealer and barrier in yellowing and cracks in the teeth.

    The veneer coating is prepared in a laboratory environment and provides ease of operation in a fast and practical way. Different coating methods can be applied to each tooth, and some teeth may not be coated. The person who will decide this will be your doctor.


    How to Fix Jaw Disorders That Disrupt Smile Aesthetics?

    Jaw disorders can be genetic. Although it is a condition that disrupts smile aesthetics, it can be treated. For this treatment, the person must be over a certain age and have completed the development of bones. In these disorders, first of all, orthopedic procedures should be trried. Night plates or splints (bite plates) can be used by recommendation of your dentist. In addition, relief can be found through injections into the muscles and joints. Some disorders can only be corrected with orthopedic surgery. With the different smile design methods applied after the surgical methods, you can have a healthy and aesthetically pleasing jaw and tooth structure.