Treatment of Gum Diseases

Having healthy gums is essential for keeping the teeth healthy. In order to ensure this, we recommend that you have a check-up every 6 months. You can achieve maximum oral health and aesthetics by using our exclusive dental SPA applications. Watch the basics of tooth brushing and how to clean in our video.

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    Treatment of Gingival Inflammation

    Not giving the necessary importance to oral hygiene and insufficient cleaning causes inflammation of the gums and formation of tartar. If left untreated, it may begin a process that leads to tooth loss. Usually, the treatment protocol starts with a good calculus and plaque removal. Then, depending on the degree, treatment can be supported by ozone therapy, laser or mesotherapy. The number of sessions and control protocols may vary according to each case. The most important factor affecting the long-term treatment success is that the patients continue with the hygiene protocol and strictly follow it after the treatment.


    Deep Teeth Cleaning

    The formation of dental calculus is common and can be seen in almost everyone under today’s nutritional conditions. If the 6-month check-ups are made on time, the gums will remain healthy and pink in color since calculus is regularly removed from the teeth. However, if the controls are neglected and the necessary importance is not given to oral care, the health of the gums will deteriorate and the dental calculus will multiply. Over time, gingival recession and accompanying bone resorption may also be seen in advanced cases. In such cases, not only the calculus that is visible from the outside but also the deeper ones that have lodged between the bones should be removed. This deep removal procedure performed under anesthesia may require 1 or more sessions. Watch our video to get an idea.



    It is the process of removing a part of the gums from the tissue collar part by cutting. This procedure can be performed if the gums are enlarged for a reason and it may accompany some other systemic problems. Or simply the patient may want the gums to appear different for aesthetic reasons. The gums are cut and leveled with a laser. Click for before and after images.



    This procedure is to correct the appearance of the gums and to equalize their level. It is mostly applied in patients who are planned to have a complete smile design.


    Flap operation and bone surgery

    Gums may recede for many reasons. In case the gingival recession progresses to the roots, several treatments can be combined. With some patients, soft tissue grafts are sufficient while bone grafts may be required in others. A treatment plan is custom created depending on the situation and how many sessions of treatment our specialists deem appropriate.