Implant and Surgery

In single or multiple tooth deficiencies, tissue-friendly, root-like titanium materials, which we call ‘implants’, are surgically placed into the bone by surgeons to replace the missing tooth. Temporary prostheses are made to the patient during the 4-week recovery period. After the healing is completed and the implant is attached to the bone, according to the doctor’s preference, the prostheses to be screwed on are produced in the laboratory by measuring with digital or traditional methods.

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    Other Surgery

    Orthognathic Surgery
    In some advanced cases, the position of the jaws relative to each other is very unstable. Even if the teeth are made perfectly, it is impossible for the person to heal functionally and aesthetically. In this case, as a result of joint work with plastic surgery, the jaws are surgically repositioned. Then, the targeted smile aesthetics is achieved with complementary treatments.

    Endodontic Surgery
    Some of the roots of the teeth need to be cut and removed during treatment or after treatment for any reason in order to remove the infection. Watch our video to get an idea.

    Impacted Tooth Extraction Surgery
    Especially if wisdom teeth are partially erupted or completely impacted, they can threaten tooth alignment and cause pain over time. If such a thing is predicted to happen or if this situation already exists, impacted teeth are usually removed surgically under local anesthesia. Watch our video to get an idea.